Our Services

Architectural Design

The main menu in our office. Our Architectural design services include conceptual design, design development, providing working drawing for tender and build, and assisting clients in choosing the best material for their project but still in the budget to get the best result.

Interior Design

A great architecture design needs great interior too. Therefore we offer an interior design solution that is contextual and supports the architectural design. Our Interior design services include schematic design, design development and providing working drawing for workshop.

Furniture Design and Build

Having a new business and need some furniture? or need new atmosphere in your room? We can provide you with our high quality furniture that keep up with the new design trends. Not only provides you with design, we also make your dream room comes true.

Our Workflow

  • First Meeting
  • Conceptual
  • Final Design
  • Build & Install

On our first meeting, we will talk about your needs, your vision about your project. We will ask some questions to really get what you want for your project. And by the way, we don’t usually all talk about the project, often times we talk about you, to really understand you and build a good communication with you, our dearest client. Because we believe that the solution to a design problem lies in how we know our client’s needs.

After understanding the needs and the context of the design, we generate some concept ideas and present it to the client. Our design goal is to make a design that answers client needs but also gives contextual solution, so after the concept ideas made, we will have some discussion with clients to align our perspective until we get the same mindset about the design.

After choosing one concept. we develop the design, adding details, choose the materials, adjust the design with structure needs and some more adjustment to make the design possible to build. In this phase, some original design might change due to the adjustment, but we always strive to make the design better than before. In the end of this phase we will issue a set of drawing that can be used by the contractor to build the design.

In build phase we still do supervision to make sure the building process running according to the design plan we made before.

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